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Yaybahar - Patented Member of Spring Family Instrument

Yaybahar provides melodic and polyphonic possibilities as an innovative Spring Family Instrument.


After the invention of yaybahar, the early versions of the instrument have been refined throughout consistent research

and development processes since 2009. As the inventor of this instrument, I have been passionately curious about how yaybahar would look like and sound like after its evolution would be completed.


The whole evolution process took place in my mind and in my hands over time, because I was doing everything from scratch. The idea, the crafting of the materials, the sound quality and sound effect emerging from the collaboration of all parts of the instrument in harmony. There was no reference points or any instruments similar to yaybahar in terms of its structure and sound. I have gone through thousands of experiments with structure, positioning, and materials such as leather, metal and wood; the thickness  of them, stretching each leather piece manually, letting them dry out, the temperatures of tempered metal, all these numerous
variables were playing a role in sound experience and the design of the instrument. I have always been in touch with the spirit of yaybahar throughout this process in every single step, trying to figure out what it wants to do and how it wants to be.


Yaybahar is a unique instrument. The uniqueness of yaybahar is based on the innovative bridging system made of springs between the body and strings of the instrument. The springs in the bridge system co-exist and co-vibrate with the strings
and the membranes of the drums. The springs in relation to strings and the membranes create unusual audio experiences that have never made possible in other musical instruments.


Yaybahar’s uniqeness is not limited to its mechanical, structural and sound innovation. Vibrations of the springs in the bridging system act like a creation and annihilation operator in relation to each other. The underlying philosophical perspective of the makings of yaybahar stem from the concept of inter-connectedness and co-existence of all things in the universe. The co-existence of different components and inter-connectedness between them operate on the notion of vibrations.


I was in tune with my calling in creating this instrument and I have followed the guidance of yaybahar in the development process. The time I have dedicated on birthing and improving yaybahar took about a decade.


It’s important to note that this has been a mutual transformative and evolutionary process both for yaybahar
and myself.

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